Welcome to The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group

"Whether you're looking to take to the water and try your hand at coasteering, kayaking and surfing, or stick to dry land and explore on foot or by bike, opting for a business that is part of the Outdoor Charter Group means you'll also be doing your bit to make sure the area is just as awe-inspiring for the next group of adventurers" Green Traveller

The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group (POCG) is made up of ‘like minded‘ people who share their passion for adventure with their love of the Pembrokeshire coast and its wildlife. Members include Individual adventurers, outdoor adventure businesses, environmental education centres and conservation groups/organisations.

The group meet regularly and run training events to develop best practice and create voluntary codes of conduct, such as the Pembrokeshire Marine Code. Their aim is to ensure that adventurous activities do not impact on Pembrokeshire's beautiful coastline and the wide variety of wildlife that call the area 'home'. The Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF) employs a Sustainable Recreation Coordinator (SRC), who can offer training and advice to help you enjoy adventure on the Pembrokeshire coast sustainably.join

The work of the POCG and SRC is funded by PCNPA, Pembrokeshire County Council, WATO, SWWTP, NRW, member support and income from events. If you are visiting Pembrokeshire to have an adventure, use the information on this site to minimize your impact.

Find out more about what adventurous activities Pembrokeshire’s has to offer the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park has an excellent website 

"If you fancy going climbing, kayaking, surfing or coasteering with an organised provider...make sure they are members of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group. Their instructors commit themselves to managing groups in the countryside in a way which reduces disturbance and impacts on habitats and species, helping to make exciting activities sustainable" Pembrokeshire Coast National Park