Sea Kayaking DVD & Code. The next video in the series of ‘Reconciling Recreation and Conservation’ films focusing on sea kayaking in all its forms is on target to be completed by the end of March 2013. 2000 hard copies of the DVD will be distributed around Wales, and an online version of the film will be available. Filming has taken place across Wales involving sea kayaking experts and conservation organisations such as the Wildlife Trust and RSPB. The film provides advice and guidance on how to ensure you plan ahead to minimise disturbance to wildlife when out sea kayaking. A new sea kayaking code of conduct for Wales has also been drafted for consultation as part of the project which you can view here - see news below  - your comments on this draft are welcome.   Marine Code Leaflets: The Pembrokeshire Marine Code contains detailed maps and access information to protect wildlife from disturbance. Funding has been provided by Valero for the reprint of 10,000 copies of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code leaflets for 2013, and 500 fully waterproof versions. These have now been printed, and a press release will shortly be prepared and the leaflets distributed across Pembrokeshire to coincide with the beginning of the main sea bird breeding season in March. Fully waterproof copies of the leaflet for kayakers / small boats’ people are available on request for the price of postage & can be ordered online here:    Valuing Outdoor Recreation project given thumbs up: Sent in by David Jones – PCF Project Manager: “An exciting and ground breaking study to put a monetary valuation on outdoor recreation has begun in Pembrokeshire and will be completed in March 2013. The Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, utilising the specialist expertise of Marine Planning Consultants and Atkins will provide an economic value to mapped areas of marine/coastal recreation/tourism in two pilot areas of Pembrokeshire – Dale and the St David’s Peninsular. This study will provide clear evidence and methods to accurately estimate how much each individual outdoor activity is worth to the local economy and provide a repeatable process to expand the project geographically. A direct value to the local economy will be shown for activities such as wildlife boat trips around Ramsey, coasteering on St David’s Peninsular, sea angling in Dale etc. It is recognised that there is a great need to value the human use of the coast particularly in the recreation sector. This is becoming more apparent with marine planning, marine licensing and the Marine Conservation process. There are wide ranging benefits to the project and it has support from Welsh Government, CCW, Coastal Communities and private sector stakeholders.   The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter and Marine Code groups will be able to feed into the phased approach and indeed this is promoted and welcomed. We will contact you via email where possible but also through meetings as required.”   Bush Craft, foraging & Wild camping Guidelines Drafted Over 40 people attended the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter bushcraft, foraging and wild camping environmental training day at Newgale YMCA. The group included conservationists, a fire officer & and local businesses that offer these activities. All worked together to agree standards of best practice to protect wildlife and the environment. In the afternoon the group went on a practical workshop to the rocky shore at Caerfai, and woodlands at Abermawr to look at flora and fauna, further discuss best practice & for a fire lighting workshop. The draft guidelines for best practice can be viewed here:  your feedback is welcomed.   Wales Activity Mapping - the Coasteering Layers. Work has been completed to upload and update the coasteering layers on the  Wales Activity Mapping website (formerly the recreation audit) showing areas of Pembrokeshire where coasteering is happening, where it could happen (always subject to a site evaluation), and where it would be highly unlikely to be encouraged due to wildlife and wildness. Agreement has now been reached by all on the Pembrokeshire regional coasteering group, on areas which are unlikely to be developed for commercial coasteering activities (such as the offshore Islands) due to wildlife / wildness. This proactive approach will help to ensure that Pembrokeshire’s wildest areas are left largely remote and undisturbed by commercial activity groups, which will benefit wildlife, and all those wishing to enjoy the wildest parts of Pembrokeshire.   Surfers Against Sewage - Call for support for the ‘Protect Our Waves’ campaign. Sent in by Alice Middleton – SAS Rep “Waves are under threat from pollution (including marine litter and sewage), new development and structures, and access. As you all know waves are of huge importance to the local communities here in Pembrokeshire bringing thousands of people to the county every year who spend hundreds of thousands of pounds. Waves are enjoyed by all sorts of people, kayakers, windsurfers, bodyboarders, kite surfers - the list goes on. Approximately 150,000 people come to surf in Wales each year and bring a valuable £20m to the economy whilst they're here, and those waves need protecting from serious threats. Shockingly, there is no law that exists that specifically protects waves. So Surfers Against Sewage are on a mission to get 100,000 signatures which they can take to Government to get waves better recognised and protected. 22,000 people have signed so far and we need your help to share this petition with your customers and staff. You can sign online at - book mark it to your iphone and get your friends and family to sign too!”   Skipper required... Sent in by Andy Truelove, Broadside Boats... "Seasonal Charter Operator required for fishing and diving. Training provided. Commercially endorsed preferably to Cat 2. April to Sept 2013 in the Dale Area. Contact Andy on 07768935681."   -Ends-