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What is the charter? You can enjoy a vast range of outdoor activities in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and this charter shows how to get the most out of these sports without harming the important environment of the area. The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group (POCG) was developed by local activity centres, conservation and education organisations working closely with the Pembrokeshire Coast National park Authority and the National Trust. These organisations are all concerned about the long-term management of the area and the development of high standards or practice. They recognise that sustainability must be a key theme in outdoor activities and education. Most of the National Park is privately owned, and the OC group encourages groups to show respect and consideration for local residents and other users as well as citizenship to the activity sites and parts of the park that are visited. This Charter group represents a commitment by all members to good practice. All those who sign up to the Charter Group agree to conform to appropriate safety legislation. ACCESS
  • All land is owned by someone – if we use a site we will ask the permission of the owner and will follow local agreements or byelaws
  • We will show consideration to landowners, residents and other users in parking and when setting up equipment – eg always keeping paths, farm gateways or slipways clear
  • Outdoor activities affect only certain parts or Pembrokeshire .We will discuss the implications with the National Park Authority before spreading activities into new sites or areas
  • We will agree with the National Park how to best manage groups on existing sites
  • We will keep to rights of way and permissive routes over land and will follow local agreements. Footpaths and the coast path will only be used for walking
  • We will ensure that al our group leaders are trained to appropriate standards under the relevant governing body’s guidelines
  • We will seek local information appropriate to the particular activity
  • We will ensure that out activities do not spoil, or risk harming other peoples enjoyment
  • Many sites, plants and animals are protected by law and are fragile or vulnerable to disturbance. On land owned by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the National Trust byelaws apply. We will not pick or uproot plants, will avoid disturbance or damage and will manage groups accordingly
  • Groups, colleagues and students will be encouraged to respect and enjoy the special character of the National Park – habitats, wildlife, geology, archaeology and man- made structures
  • We will not leave permanent features in the countryside eg belay stakes or cairns If anything like this is essential we will discuss it beforehand with the National Park Authority and landowner
  • We will place temporary marks or fixing in such a way as to avoid damage or interference with others . Climbing bolts are not to be used on natural crags in Pembrokeshire
  • We will not remove geological specimens except as individual samples taken by the leader for demonstration purposes
  • We will not remove living material from a site except for identification and any material removed will be returned to the same location
  • We will always leave a site cleaner that we found it
  • National Park, National Trust and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) have particular restrictions. Please contact the Outdoor Charter Office
SPECIAL EVENTS We will involve the POCG, landowners, and other conservation and community organisations at an early stage in the planning for any new outdoor activities, new activity sites or events. EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT
  • As well as teaching clients the technical skills to carry out an activity, we will try to instil a respect for others and for the coast and countryside of Pembrokeshire.
  • We will attend meetings, briefing sessions and receive information from the Outdoor Charter Group
  • We are committed to a regular review of this Charter Group and will work to improve the management of sites and activities.
BYELAWS ARE PUBLISHED BY THE FOLLOWING: The National Park Authority – 0845 345 7275 Pembrokeshire County Council – 01437 764551 The National Trust – 01646 661359 Countryside Council for Wales – 01646 624000 Skomer Marine Nature Reserve – 01646 636736 CCW is responsible for the protection of Sites of Special Scientific Interest and protected species of plants, animals and birds.