Cycling / Mountain Biking

Click here, and then on the Cycling / Mountain Biking logo to see which centres offer this activity. Pembrokeshire is becoming more and more popular with cyclists. Increasing numbers of cyclists are coming to the area to enjoy on-road and off-road cycling in some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the country. The winding lanes criss crossing the county allow you to get away from the hustle of main roads and tourist spots to experience a more relaxing style of travel. There are well-mapped route to suit the beginner and groups. Whether your looking to enjoy the scenery, get some exercise or go somewhere, cycling in Pembrokeshire will provide you with an experience to remember. Even the experienced rider can find something to challenge them. Things to Consider when cycling in Pembrokeshire:
  • PERMISSION from landowners is essential before you cycle. Landowners may also be aware of local information important to you and the environment.
  • ENSURE you remain aware of your surroundings during your cycle and avoid straying from designated routes. Note: Cycling is not permitted on the Coast Path.
  • DECIDE your venue and check it out before you go. Avoid wildlife wherever possible. Many species of wildlife live in, on or around many of the popular cycle paths and routes spots particulalry during nesting and breeding seasons (Birds Mar – Jul, Seals Aug – Feb). Avoid needlessly disturbing or harassing them, you could be committing a criminal offence!
  • ASK about any local codes of conduct, byelaws and restrictions as well as general good practices and safety guidelines and follow them. After all they are there for a reason.
  • LEAVE the area as you found it.
More information about routes is available visit If you see: Any wildlife which you believe to be injured or in distress contact the RSPCA on 08705 555 999