Fishing is a popular year round activity in Pembrokeshire. The sheer variety and quality of opportunities that are available are some of the best to be had anywhere in Wales if not Britain. As the county is surrounded on three sides by the sea, fish are never far away. Add this to the rivers, ponds lakes and reservoirs and you will never be far from some good quality angling. The coast offers excellent fishing from rocks or beaches and is the most popular fishing activity in the county offering Bass, Mackerel, Wrasse, Flatfish to name a few. Some of the popular spots are found on or near the golden beaches dotted around the coast. Other areas still provide the tranquility of fishing in near isolation and you can easily find you have a whole stretch of coast to yourself. If you prefer to fish with friends or go for larger species such as Cod, Conger or Ling. There are numerous fishing charters available around the coast. These are particularly concentrated around the Milford Haven Waterway, Saundersfoot and Tenby. Many of these operators are members of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code group and have been operating in the area for many years. They have an extensive knowledge of the offshore and coastal fishing sites which usually bring a successful trip. Pembrokeshire also hold excellent game fishing in its 4 rivers and in the Lysyfran Reservoir. The Eastern and Western Cleddau, The Teifi and The Nevern offer a mixed of game fishing for species such as Sewin, Brown Trout and Salmon. Most of the fishing is under license from angling associations or private landowners such as the Nevern A.A, teifi Trout Association or the Pembrokeshire A.A. The reserviour offers 212 acres of mixed Rainbow and Wild Brown Trot fishing. It has been the venue for a number of National and International fishing competitions and is owned and managed by Hyder Plc. There are boats available and extensive disabled access including a visitor centre and restaurant. There are other game reservoirs in the county that also offer high-grade fishing. Things to Consider when cycling in Pembrokeshire:
  • CHECK if you need a License or permission to fish your chosen area before you start. This is particularly important if you are fishing on inland waters or crossing land to reach a site. Landowners may also be aware of local information important to you and the environment.
  • ASK about any local codes of conduct, byelaws and restrictions as well as general good practices and safety guidelines and follow them. After all they are there for a reason.
  • STAY aware of your surroundings and other users. Avoid wildlife wherever possible. Many species of wildlife live in, on or around many of the popular fishing ledges, lakes and rivers, particularly during nesting and breeding seasons (Birds Mar – Jul, Seals Aug – Feb). Avoid needlessly disturbing or harassing them, you could be committing a criminal offence!
  • TAKE care to minimize loss of tackle and take home any packaging, damaged line, hooks or Lures at the end of your day leaving the area better than you found it.
Codes of Conduct include the Conservation Code for Sea Anglers available from Keep Wales Tidy. More information about fishing site is available at If you see: Any wildlife which you believe to be injured or in distress contact the RSPCA on 08705 555 999