Imagine parking your car at a beautiful spot on a crisp clear day with a gentle breeze blowing up the slope. You put on a flying suit and boots, then lift out an incredibly light glider from its bag. clipping in is simple, then afew checks of the canopy, a pull on a few lines to bring the glider above your head. You then turn and run and lo and behold you are airborne. This is the exhilerting sport of paragliding, - developed from parachuting canopies, modern paragliders can be soared effortlessly on windward slopes and even flown across country in good conditions.

There are some beautiful places in Pembrokeshire to paraglide from, you can either go solo or in a tandem flight, the tandem flights are best if you are a first time flyer and want to experience the joys of paragliding.

To find a POCG business that offers paragliding Click here, and then on the paragliding logo.

Can I fly anywhere?

Unfortunately not, most land in Pembrokeshire is privately owned, and the CROW Act states that unless you have the permision of the land owner, paragliding is not permitted. So please do check with the land owner before Paragliding. For more information speak to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority or Activities Liaison Officer Alun Richardson on 01646 696134 / 07977 939325.