NT Pembs Logo The Concordat or agreement will aim to provide and safeguard the sustainable long-term use of sections of National Trust Land for commercial adventurous activities and give guidance to all organised groups on how to conduct activities responsibly. The concordat model for Pembrokeshire is being adopted to reflect the long history of coasteering in the county, and the existence of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group.  It and is not universally applicable to all National Trust places and all adventurous activities. The Coasteering Concordat will replace the current system of site-specific licensing that the National Trust operates at some of the most popular coasteering venues in its care (Ceibwr, Abercastle and the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddi).  Instead of having multiple agreements this concordat will encompass the three venues with current agreements and include other National Trust properties in a single document with site specific guides relating to each section of National Trust land. Aimed at activity leaders, these site guides will provide clear information about usage terms and conditions where these are already in place.  Where no formal access frameworks have been established, information will provide guidance around the suggested carrying capacity of the venue and will highlight sensitive environmental features, parking/changing/toilet areas and particular community sensitivities. The site guides will allow activity leaders understand more about the special qualities of the venues they use for their adventure activities and can incorporate this knowledge into their offer, and operate at their coastal venues harmoniously with other users and communities.  The Concordat site guides will be produced through consultation with the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group, Natural Resources Wales, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, harbour managers, community councils, and other key stakeholders. A draft example of what these site guides might look like is available by clicking here  Draft site guide Aberbach. National Trust Sites that the Coasteering Concordat will produce site guidance cards for are:Coasteeing POCG Ceibwr Bay Pwll Deri Aberbach(Carreg Golchfa) Abercastle Harbour Porthgain Harbour Abereiddy (Blue Lagon) Porthclais Harbour (east / west) Caerfai Bay Pointz Castle (Porthmynawyd) Stackpole Quay Llydstep Head This Coasteering Concordat is modelled on Natural Resources Wales’ Waterfalls Area Activity Concordat with the South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group. To view the document click here Waterfalls Area Activity Concordat . The project is funded by Visit Wales’ Partnership for Growth (P4G) Fund, which promotes joint working and collaborative projects to help grow the tourism economy in a sustainable way in Wales.