The coastline of Wales has some world class locations for coasteering. Part of the attraction of coasteering is the chance to experience close-up the fantastic wildlife that can be found along Wales' rocky foreshore. The coasteering environment is home to internationally important species that includes peregrines, choughs, rare plants and lichens as well as delicate marine species such as sponges and sea urchins. At certain times of the year, in the sea caves and remote beaches, you can find Atlantic grey and common seals. Much of the coastline and wildlife is protected by law from damage and disturbance. As the popularity of coasteering has grown so it has become increasingly important to minimise any impact of the activity on the environment and other people using the coast. To help achieve this the National Coasteering Charter Group (website available soon) has produced a code of conduct for users and a DVD is available aimed at the instructors who guide the many organised groups that undertake coasteering. 'Repsect, Protect and Enjoy' is the key message. To order a DVD email at the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group. A shortened version can be viewed on Vimeo. Produced with funding from Splash, Countryside Council for Wales and Pembrokeshire National Park, the Groups Coasteering DVD is the third in the 'Reconciling Conservation and Recreation' series following Groups in Gorges and Enjoying the Lakes and Rivers of Wales.