The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter project has secured funding to develop a DVD to reconcile sea kayaking and conservation. Sea kayaking in all forms is increasing - with a huge increase in the use of 'Sit on Tops', & also an increase in touring sea kayakers exploring the coast of Wales. Wales is world class for sea kayaking, with amazing coastal scenery, tide races and wildlife and Pembrokeshire is one of the Jewels in the crown. This new DVD will show how fantastic Wales is for sea kayaking, but also  raise awareness of the needs of the wildlife that lives and breeds around the coastline. The 1st August marks the beginning of the main seal pupping season, and the voluntary Marine Code restrictions to some areas of the coast in Pembrokeshire are now in place.  Click here to see them. Seals will be prospecting for places to give birth to their pups over the next few weeks and hundred of seals will be born onto beaches around the coast. It is important for us as sea kayakers to ensure that we plan our trips with regard to  wildlife. In Pembrokeshire, a Marine Code for Kayakers was agreed between Conservationists, local kayakers and Canoe Wales in 2009 - this has been a great success with a reduction in the amount of disturbance caused by kayakers to seals and sea birds reported at Ramsey & Skomer Islands. These best practice guidelines will now be rolled out across Wales (following further consultation with Canoe Wales and CCW) as part of this DVD which has been funded by SPLASH fund administered by the Environment Agency. Friday last week saw filming begin out at Skomer Island with an interview with the Wildlife Trust Warden Chris Taylor - the team enjoyed some fine weather, and were lucky to be able to film the puffins before they headed back out to sea for the year. To find out about the best practice guidelines already in place for kayakers in Pembrokeshire visit or to find out more about this project contact