Filming for the DVD on 'Reconcilling Sea Kayaking and Conservation' (being done by the Pembs Outdoor Charter group with help from Wales Activity Tourism Organisation, CCW & EA and Canoe Wales) is going well despite the weather! As part of the process, we are developing a code of conduct for all sea kayakers (from paddle boards to sit-on-tops to full on expedition sea kayakers). This code is based on the advice we have been given from conservation experts (RSPB etc) to ensure that we do our bit to minimise any disturbance to marine wildlife when we are out on the water. We would welcome your feedback on the draft code which you can read here:  Welsh Marine Code for Sea Kayakers Working Draft - just email any comments through to or phone 07977 939325... Please forward any comments by Mid Febrary... Filming is going well, and we are on target to get the DVD (and online film etc)  finished by the end of February - watch this space!