Accessing a coasteering route at Abereiddy, Courtesy of Celtic Quest Coasteering

Accessing a coasteering route at Abereiddy, Courtesy of Celtic Quest Coasteering

The aims of the RADA project is to ensure that people are able to visit a good quality environment by identifying and working toward removing barriers for those with disabilities from visiting outdoor recreational sites and experiencing recreational activity.  The 3 year project aims to increase / improve recreational opportunities for disabled people (so they can thus enjoy the social and health benefits) by identifying where barriers exist, exploring potential solutions to those barriers and providing an economic evaluation of those potential options. This report has been produced at the end of the first year of the project.  Previous research[1] has suggested that some individuals in communities are less likely to participate in outdoor recreational adventurous activities than the general public.  This project is exploring the provision of Adventurous Outdoor Recreation opportunities for disabled individuals in Pembrokeshire.
Discussing current barriers to accessing adventure activities with local stakeholders

Discussing current barriers to accessing adventure activities with local stakeholders

Two stakeholder engagement events were conducted with the targeted communities; this approach allowed for in-depth discussion within a range of topics, to examine perceptions, attitudes, barriers and motivations for participating in outdoor recreation.  A survey was designed from these stakeholder engagement events and distributed to 39 providers of outdoor recreation to examine topics such as specific facility provision for the targeted groups, policy provision, barriers facing providers and key factors to assist providers in meeting the needs of disabled individuals. The findings of the survey can be viewed in the report produced.  

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Project supported by: logos RADA supporters     [1] Rankin, Mary-Anne, 2012, English Federation of Disability Sport: EXPLORING WHY DISABLED PEOPLE AND DEAF PEOPLE DO AND DON’T PARTICIPATE IN SPORT
The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group met on the 28th of April to learn and share knowledge on some of the environmental issues/key messages facing the marine environment and to discuss how these could be integrated into an outdoor activity session.  The day was a great success with over 40 local instructors attending to learn information from Keep Wales Tidy, The Wildlife Trust, RSPB, RNLI, and Surfers Against Sewage in the morning through talks given by, Zoe Abbott, Natalie Brown, Blaise Bulimore, and Paul Renfro. After a filling lunch provide by Celtic Camping the group also discussed how each business or instructor currently build messages into sessions, and how they might be able to add what they learned from the morning talks into their quiver of knowledge.  The ideas and concepts created during the afternoon workshop will help build a structure of possible new 'environmental element' for an ASI surf instructor qualification. Training event 1Training event 2Training event 3           To view the presentations given by the speakers in the morning session please click on the links below
“Marine litter, and the Two minute Beach Clean”  Zoe Abbott (Senior Project Officer for Keep Wales Tidy)
“Living Seas”  Natalie Brown (Living Seas Awareness Officer for Wildlife Trust)
 “Getting beneath the surface”  Blaise Bulimore (Regional Representative for Marine Conservation Society)
 “CSO’s, Return to Offender, Think before you flush”  Paul Renfro (Regional Representative for Surfers Against Sewage)
logos Training event    
IMG_0111On Tuesday evening the 12th of May Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Ranger Ian Meopham gave an informative presentation looking at climate change and how our coasts around Pembrokeshire are changing. Instructors from several local adventure activity providers learned and shared their knowledge on the subject.  The instructors learned about the shoreline management plan how it effects local beaches and coastal communities and some interesting facts relating to coastal / climate change. They will now be able to pass along information to their groups while out on activities to allow the participants to see and understand how the effects of coastal change while having fun in the environments that are being effected.   I would like to thank Oli at the Big Blue Experience who hosted the event at his shop located at Newgale beach which allowed the group to relate the topic given the storms in recent years. Ian is happy to share his presentation and information so if you missed the event and would like to know more get in touch. Picture4Picture3Picture2

The 2015 Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Coasteering workshop was hosted by Preseli Venture Eco Lodge on Tuesday the 21st with amazing weather to allow the sharing of coasteering best practice and environmental education.  Representatives from many of Pembrokeshire’s coasteering providers got together with rangers from the National Trust and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to participate in workshops focused on sharing best practice on safety and the environment.

Powell Strong Speaking on Seals

Powell Strong a lecture at Pembrokeshire College gave a very interesting talk on seals, and the issues disturbance can causes.  Powell also discussed the trend that is being noticed by marine wildlife observers of the lengthening of the pupping season with some recent years seeing seal pups being born earlier(pre August) and later in the season(early December).    Powell asked that if any sightings of seal pups while out coasteering could be passed his way as they would be valuable additions to data already being collected.   Dr. Lou Luddington presented on her ‘Top 10 wildlife facts to engage your group’ which provided valuable information for instructors to take home interesting bite sized information on wildlife in the intertidal areas to be easily passed on to customers.  The top 10 include information on:
  • Seaweed – fluid strength
  • Shag vs. Comorant
  • Perigrine Falcon – the fastest
  • Dogwhelks – drilling snails
  • Beadlet anemones – carnivorus blooms
  • Zonation – stripy coast
  • Spring tails – whole body aqualung
  • Jellyfish – stinging floaters
  • Limpets – boys to (wo)men
  • Barnacles – Dirk Digglers of the ocean
Lou also led a hands on workshop in the afternoon exploring, identifying, teaching and familiarizing instructors with the wildlife that they walk past on each session so that knowledge and enjoyment of the natural environment can be passed on to customers while out coasteering. IMG_0063IMG_0055IMG_0062IMG_0077                   Sam Nunn and Sam Charlesworth from TYF lead a wet workshop in the morning focusing on the basic skills and playing in the impact zone, basic jumping skills, group awareness, leadership responsibilities, while allowing for discussions on group management, jump safety management and guide professionalism whilst in charge of a group.
IMG_8652IMG_8664(Pictures by Phil Sadler)


As always the group can never pass an opportunity to play around in a nice water feature along the way.
 IMG_8690(Pictures by Phil Sadler)

Visit Wales LogoVisit Wales is introducing a new approach in how the list activity providers on This Activity Tourism Accreditation approach by Visit Wales is described in more detail hereVisit Wales Activity Tourism Accreditation letter.

If you have question or comments please do get in touch with your WATO representative through your local outdoor charter group.

NT Pembs Logo The Concordat or agreement will aim to provide and safeguard the sustainable long-term use of sections of National Trust Land for commercial adventurous activities and give guidance to all organised groups on how to conduct activities responsibly. The concordat model for Pembrokeshire is being adopted to reflect the long history of coasteering in the county, and the existence of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group.  It and is not universally applicable to all National Trust places and all adventurous activities. The Coasteering Concordat will replace the current system of site-specific licensing that the National Trust operates at some of the most popular coasteering venues in its care (Ceibwr, Abercastle and the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddi).  Instead of having multiple agreements this concordat will encompass the three venues with current agreements and include other National Trust properties in a single document with site specific guides relating to each section of National Trust land. Aimed at activity leaders, these site guides will provide clear information about usage terms and conditions where these are already in place.  Where no formal access frameworks have been established, information will provide guidance around the suggested carrying capacity of the venue and will highlight sensitive environmental features, parking/changing/toilet areas and particular community sensitivities. The site guides will allow activity leaders understand more about the special qualities of the venues they use for their adventure activities and can incorporate this knowledge into their offer, and operate at their coastal venues harmoniously with other users and communities.  The Concordat site guides will be produced through consultation with the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group, Natural Resources Wales, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, harbour managers, community councils, and other key stakeholders. A draft example of what these site guides might look like is available by clicking here  Draft site guide Aberbach. National Trust Sites that the Coasteering Concordat will produce site guidance cards for are:Coasteeing POCG Ceibwr Bay Pwll Deri Aberbach(Carreg Golchfa) Abercastle Harbour Porthgain Harbour Abereiddy (Blue Lagon) Porthclais Harbour (east / west) Caerfai Bay Pointz Castle (Porthmynawyd) Stackpole Quay Llydstep Head This Coasteering Concordat is modelled on Natural Resources Wales’ Waterfalls Area Activity Concordat with the South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group. To view the document click here Waterfalls Area Activity Concordat . The project is funded by Visit Wales’ Partnership for Growth (P4G) Fund, which promotes joint working and collaborative projects to help grow the tourism economy in a sustainable way in Wales.
Coasteering Workshop 2014 Booking is now open for the Pembrokeshire Coasteering Workshop 2014!

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Dear POGC Members, PCF are recruiting for a number of new roles for 2014.
  1. Business Development Executive
  2. Finance and Office Coordinator
  3. Marine Energy Coordinator
  4. PCF Board of Directors

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The Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF) hosted another memorable ‘Pembrokeshire Wildlife Sightings Event’ on Wednesday 20th November at the Merlin Theatre, Pembrokeshire College. This was the fifth wildlife sightings event organised by the PCF team and its aim was to celebrate the diversity of wildlife that Pembrokeshire has. The event worked well at raising awareness to ensure that our local environments and wildlife are cherished and protected for the future. The event, kindly supported by The Crown Estate and The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, was a platform to update the public of the work of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter and Marine Code groups in developing and publishing best practice advice and training for all those who wish to get out & make the most of the stunning outdoor environments and wildlife of Pembrokeshire.

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WSE Event Flyer 2013On the 20th November 2013 the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF) will host the immensely popular ‘Pembrokeshire Wildlife Sightings Event’ at the Merlin Theatre, Haverfordwest. The event inspires local naturalists and photographers to share stories and images celebrating the diverse and special wildlife of Pembrokeshire. The event supports the work of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter and Marine Code groups whose aim is to raise awareness of what we can all do to ensure that its wildlife is cherished and protected for future generations. The groups have developed codes of conduct and best practice for adventurous activities and organize regular environmental training events to raise awareness of the flora, fauna, and natural heritage of Pembrokeshire. Six local speakers will share stories and images of their wildlife sightings in Pembrokeshire from the past year. This year, Butterfly expert David Redhead will be enlightening the audience about The Hairstreak of Pembrokeshire. Cliff Benson of the SeaTrust will be telling us of their Whale and Dolphin sightings. Sue Burton & Geoff Liles will be sharing stories and images of their encounters when out ‘Spotting Otters’. Skomer Marine Nature Reserve team will be sharing their sightings from the tidal races & the Cleddau, Marten Lewis will share his professional images exploring the rocky shore and Julian Cremona will speak about Pembrokeshire dragons and damsels. Wildlife photography competition An important part of the event is the wildlife photography competition, with prizes for the winning photographs chosen by a panel of local judges. The competition is open to all to enter, simply send in a maximum of three photos of Pembrokeshire Wildlife you have seen since 1st Jan 2013 (no more than 1Mb per photo) to Deadline for entries is 11th November 2013. Winners will be announced on the night of the event and presented with their Prizes. For more information see Terms and Conditions or contact the PCF team on 01646 696171. Click here to BOOK YOUR TICKET