Pembrokeshire has a vast array of different and diverse habitats, from the Preseli Hills to the Sandy bays and estuaries. Because of this, Pembrokeshire is home to thousands of different species of wildlife. Many of the species seen are common however; some are rare in Britain such as the Chough. Others such as the Skomer Vole are only found in the county. The importance of the habitats within Pembrokeshire has resulted in many areas being designated nationally and internationally for nature conservation and protection. Fact Sheets on the wildlife and geology of Pembrokeshire have been produced to help you to interpret the natural environments of Pembrokeshire, and pass on information about the plants animals and goelogy of the area to others. You can download and print out your own paper copy of these fact sheets for free here: Fact Sheets Or you can order a set of the waterproof fact sheets for £11.50 + p&p by calling 01646 405693