Recreation Audit for Disabled Access(RADA)

The Recreational Audit for Disabled Access (RADA) will ensure that people are able to visit a good quality environment by identifying and working toward removing barriers for those with disabilities from visiting outdoor recreational sites and experiencing recreational activity.

The project aims to increase / improve recreational opportunities for disabled people (so they can thus enjoy the social and health benefits) by identifying where barriers exist, exploring potential solutions to those barriers and providing an economic evaluation of those potential options. The project will cover 3 years and will be split into 3 distinctive areas.

  • Year 1 – Identify barriers for disabled access to recreation via the POCG and Sport Disability Wales (SDW).
  • Year 2 – Assess and evaluate potential solutions for improving access through POCG members.
  • Year 3 – Provide an economic evaluation through costing and reporting on the possible solutions for providing better access to recreation by disable users.