Stand up Paddleboarding

Pembrokeshire has a unique rugged coastline with lots bends  with bays which provides good conditions for stand up paddleboarding (SUP) most days.

Seals and sea birds are just some of the protected wildlife you may encounter whilst out paddling, and it is essential to follow the Pembrokeshire Marine Code to make sure you do not contribute to any disturbance.

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Things to consider when kayaking in Pembrokeshire

  • PLAN your venue and route with consideration for conditions and ability level of paddlers. Many coastal trips involve paddling in fast-moving tidal streams and some surf beaches can have powerful rip currents and rock hazards. Always consider other water users, especially when surfing.
  • ASK about any local codes of conduct, byelaws and restrictions as well as general good practices and safety guidelines and follow them. These are particularly relevant when surfing or paddling to remote areas.
  • AVOID disturbing nesting birds in the spring and seals in the autumn. Guillemots balance eggs on their feet and can be spooked by paddlers getting too close. Seals may not be able to feed their pups if you paddle too close to some shingle beaches and caves in late August to November.
  • CHECK OUT THE ACCESS situation before planning inland paddling trips. Visit the Canoe Wales website to check permissions.
  • LEAVE the area as you found it or better.