The below named Organisation supports the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter which seeks to establish high standards for managing groups in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.


Organisation or Individual:

When leading groups in Pembrokeshire, we require our staff to follow the conditions of the Charter which are summarised below:

  • We will avoid damage to sites and minimise any disturbance to wildlife, in accordance with codes of conduct and wildlife legislation.
  • We will ensure that all activity leaders encourage visitors to develop a respect and understanding of wildlife and the environment.
  • We will liaise closely with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, landowners, and the Activities Liaison Officer over the use of new sites and/or the development of new activities.
  • We will abide to Countryside Access Legislation and local Countryside / Marine Code.
  • We will show consideration for the local community and other users of the area.
  • We will annually attend a minimum of one full members meeting.
  • We will annually attend a minimum of one Outdoor Charter approved training event.
  • We will work towards reducing the wider environmental impact of conducting adventure activities and share knowledge when applicable.
  • We will ensure that all activity leaders are trained under the relevant governing body’s guidelines.
  • We ensure that appropriate insurance is carried for activities undertaken.
  • We will continue to help develop the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter and will encourage others to adopt it.