Coasteering To see Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter members who offer coasteering in Pembrokeshire, click this link and then click on the ‘coasteering’ icon… Best Practice As coasteering guides, we have a responsibility to look after the wildlife and environment of the coast. The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter has worked with coasteering companies in Wales, the National Coasteering Charter, and conservation organisations to make a DVD on best practice for companies operating in Wales. It is hoped that much of the best practice advice that has been developed by the POC group can be applied to wherever you take groups out coasteering... Here is a link to a short film on best practice for coasteering... (Hard Copies of full DVD available on request.) Groups Coasteering: Best Practice for Guides from Adventures in Pembs on Vimeo. The National Coasteering Charter have developed a code of conduct for coasteering working with over 80 coasteering companies and conservation organisations across the UK. This have been made into a short film which you can see below, or alternatively you can see a printable version of the code by clicking HERE Groups Coasteering: Code of Conduct from Adventures in Pembs on Vimeo. Safety All of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter members who operate coasteering activities have agreed to the Nationally agreed competencies for operating safely, and with due regard for the environment, and are represented on the National Coasteering Charter (NCC) group. Click here to view these Nationally agreed safety competencies for centres offering coasteering. Click here for minimum competencies for guides developed by the NCC and National Water Safety Forum.