Kite Sports

Pembrokeshire provides some of the best conditions for kite sports in the UK with fairly consistent wind and waves. The county has some ideal locations for kite surfing, kite boarding and power kite flying, and with careful planning the Pembrokeshire’s beaches create some stunning opportunities to enjoy these exciting sports.

Newgale beach in North Pembrokeshire is popular for kitesports, but can also be really busy with other people enjoying the beach and waves, especially in the summer. Make sure you are respectful of others using the beach.

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Kitesurfing Codes of Conduct

  • Riders must hold 3rd party Insurance.
  • Be sure you can handle the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Always assist fellow kitesurfers when launching and landing.
  • Always use an effective kite safety leashing system.
  • Wrap your lines when not in use and secure kite properly.
  • Keep a reasonable distance between you and your fellow kitesurfers / beach users.
  • A kitesurfer must know the navigation laws and abide by them at all times
  • If you ride alone, let someone know you are out and what time you will be expected back.
  • If you lose your kite or board whilst on the water, always report it to the coastguard.
  • When learning seek professional tuition


Download guidelines for beach kites sports here
Download codes of conduct for kite sports at Newgale here