Kite Sports Click here, and then on the Kite sports logo to see which centres offer this activity Newgale Beach is one of the best beaches fro Kitesurfing in Pembrokeshire. So that Kitesports don't impact on other users at peak times, the following guidelines have been agreed on by local kitesurfers, and managers of the beaches in Pembrokeshire... Click HERE to see them. Please be sure to follow these guidelines when enjoying kitesports at Newgale... Beware of beach zones (see map in notice boards at beach). If unsure ask the seasonal lifeguards or wardens. Do not fly kites two hours either side of high water since beach space will be severely restricted. Do not fly power kites without referring to the manufacturers manual or seeking professional tuition. For further information, advice and professional tuition see the members of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter.Please think about other users – if you are on a kite board or buggy you take up a great deal of beach. Other users don't know how skilled you are and may feel frightened or threatened by the kite and lines. On the water you are perhaps likely to find less competition for space on the days which are good for kite surfing but make space for surfers, windsurfers etc as well. Training and 3rd party insurance are essential for kite surfing and boarding/buggies. All power kite flyers are asked to respect the safety of and avoid other beach users, act responsibly and hold third party liability insurance.Other beach users are asked to be aware of kite flyers and their equipment. Do not approach kites or kite flyers from downwind as some equipment e.g. lines may cause harm. Do not approach within striking distance of a flying kite. Kitesurfing Codes of Conduct • Riders must hold 3rd party Insurance. • Be sure you can handle the prevailing weather conditions. • Always assist fellow kitesurfers when launching and landing. • Always use an effective kite safety leashing system. • Wrap your lines when not in use and secure kite properly. • Keep a reasonable distance between you and your fellow kitesurfers / beach users. • A kitesurfer must know the navigation laws and abide by them at all times • If you ride alone, let someone know you are out and what time you will be expected back. • If you lose your kite or board whilst on the water, always report it to the coastguard. • When learning seek professional tuition